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So, you want to study in Australia …

Studying in Australia is a fantastic opportunity. As well as the chance to obtain experience and qualifications, living and studying in this part of the world is a great way to put learned English skills to good use. Australian educational institutions offer a broad range of courses that teach transferable skills and are structured so as to train students to apply theoretical concepts to the real world. They are also fantastically sociable places and an exciting opportunity to meet new people, get to know the local culture and expand horizons.

why-study-australiaThe Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) has direct links to Australia’s preeminent universities, which means that students at our school have a head-start when it comes to applying to study at one of these revered institutions. We also provide essential advice on all elements of studying in Australia, including student visa assistance, guidance on choosing study programs, help finding somewhere to live, as well as arranging part-time work.

Culturally, Australia is a fantastic place to visit in order to study. Located in the region of Oceana, between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, it is a country of 21 million+ with a broad mix of races and ethnicities, which have influenced everything from the entertainment to the food.

Many Australians consider themselves ‘outdoorsy’ and there are plenty of opportunities to play sports of all kinds, from surfing to Australian Rules football.

Australia has a seasonal climate, but is such a huge land mass that the weather differs significantly from one part to another – some areas are tropical, some are dry and some wet. It is also geographically diverse, with stunning coastlines, exciting jungle, fascinating deserts and imposing mountain ranges – it’s a country that has something to offer just about everyone. There are also plenty of opportunities for travel to nearby locations, such as New Zealand and Indonesia.

For more information about studying in Australia, email our Managing Director, Peter Goudge: peter@avse.edu.vn

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