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The Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) has English language course options for students of all ages, from children and young learners through to those looking to develop specific skills. Our courses normally run for around 10 weeks with a final exam at the end.

Progress reports and certificates

We take the progress of our students very seriously at AVSE and so, after the final exam has been taken, our Director of Studies will produce a personalised written report on an individual student. This is designed to provide an ongoing record of achievements for students and, in some cases, parents too. We also like to reward our students’ achievements and so everyone who completes a course with us receives a certificate recognising effort.

Supportive environment

It’s very important to us that our students are happy and thrive at AVSE so we have taken great care to create an environment that allows everyone to reach their potential and feel like part of ‘our family’. This includes providing support in the form of one to one tutoring (free of charge) where students need some extra help boosting confidence and skills.

AVSE Charter

At AVSE we take our ongoing responsibilities to provide excellent English language programs very seriously. We are always striving to improve in everything we do! That’s why we have designed the following charter for the delivery of our services:

- Every student is important to the AVSE team.
- Our teaching environment should always be fun, interactive and learning-focused.
- The AVSE teacher to student ratio will be no more than 1:15.
- We will help students to work towards achieving clearly defined learning goals.
- Our teachers are all qualified, native English speakers supported by qualified local teachers.
- We incorporate information technology wherever possible to provide an enhanced learning experience.
- Students learning with us will be encouraged to minimise the use of Vietnamese when studying English.

For more information on AVSE’s charter and our study environment, feel free to contact Managing Director, Peter Goudge: peter@avse.edu.vn

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