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Quality assurance…

At the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) we understand that providing education of any kind is a serious responsibility. That’s why we are committed to maintaining demonstrable standards of quality and excellence and ensuring that we meet – and exceed – the expectations of students, parents and other stakeholders. This includes meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Education & Training and best practice guidelines.

Quality standards are a big part of the development strategy at AVSE and are monitored by our Chancellor, Ms Nguyen Thuy My Trang, who regularly advises the team on the best ways to ensure we are continuously achieving high standards of excellence.

Ongoing review

We have a process of ongoing review that continuously assesses how the school is performing for students and other stakeholders, how we match up to the competition and whether there are any areas in which we might do better. This includes:

- Continuously reviewing all our learning policies and procedures.
- Ensuring that AVSE staff are reviewed once every six months.
- Maintaining regular contact with the Ministry of Education & Training.
- Seeking feedback from stakeholders.
- Engaging independent auditors.
- Benchmarking ourselves against the competition.
- Taking immediate action wherever we find AVSE can do better.

For more information about quality standards at the school you can email Managing Director, Peter Goudge: peter@avse.edu.vn

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