Payment methods

Making a payment to Australian Vocational Skills and Education (AVSE) from anywhere in the world is secure and simple. The payment process will take no more than  minutes to complete at your end. Keep in mind that it can take three or four business days to finalise an international transaction.

The Managing Director of AVSE,  Peter Goudge, is the contact person for all payment related matters. We’d ask that you send a copy of the transaction receipt to Peter Goudge by email once you’ve made a payment. Furthermore, you should feel free to reach out to Peter by email in the event you need clarification or assistance with a payment matter. Here is Peter’s email address:

While our preferred (and the cheapest) method for receiving an electronic payment is bank to bank transfer (see below), the choice is yours to make. AVSE will provide you with written confirmation by email once your payment arrives in our account.

Bank account details
Account name: AVSE-TESOL (Asia) Limited
Account number: 836789831
Bank name: OCBC Wing Hang Bank
Bank address: 161 Queen’s Road, Central District, Hong Kong
Swift code: WIHBHKHH
Company details
Company name: AVSE-TESOL (Asia) Limited
Company address: 20th Floor, Central Tower
28 Queen’s Road, Central District, Hong Kong

Credit or debit card online with Smiley face (US Dollars)

Payments to AVSE via PayPal incur a 3.2% handling fee. If you wish to make a payment by PayPal, you need to forward your PayPal linked email address to Peter Goudge at AVSE. Email:

Upon receiving your PayPal linked email address, Peter will send you an invoice, including the 3.2% handling fee.

Credit or debit card online withSmiley face (US Dollars)

Payments to AVSE via Stripe incur via 3.2% handling fee. Enter your details below and then click on the ‘Calculate’ tab. At this point you can ‘Procced’, or ‘Cancel’ the transaction. By clicking on the ‘Proceed’ tab, you’ll be invited to enter your card information on a secure ‘Stripe’ form.

Reach out

1300 Quang Trung Street
Go Vap District (Ward 14)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 901 324 439