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Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is AVSE’s newest TESOL/TEFL location. Our first TESOL/TEFL course in Phnom Penh was in June 2016 and we’ve gone from strength to strength. Cambodia is the ‘sleeping giant’ of Southeast Asia with a booming economy and a ‘Welcome Mat’ for businesses and vocational training institutions like AVSE-TESOL. There is skyrocketing demand for English language skills and this translates into well-paid jobs teaching English for people with the right qualifications.

Our TESOL/TEFL programme in Phnom Penh is delivered in collaboration with the Sovannaphumi School, owned and managed by the NTC Education Group. With more than 20,000 students from young learners through to adults and 25 campuses the length and breadth of Cambodia, the Sovannaphumi School is by any measure a teaching and learning colossus.

AVSE is based at the Souvannaphumi School on Street 108 in Takhmao Town, 20 minutes by TUK TUK from the central business district in Phnom Penh and the famous Riverside area, well-known for its abundant night-life. The neighborhood surrounding our training base is ‘classic Cambodia’ with residential dwellings dispersed among businesses of all shapes and sizes. Street food, decent restaurants, bars, coffee shops, laundry services and entertainment venues are all within walking distance. There is even a western-style shopping centre close by for those who are missing some of the comforts of home. TUK TUKs can be found on every street corner in the event you need transport to venture outside the local area.

AVSE’s partnership with the Sovannaphumi School allows our TESOL/TEFL students in Phnom Penh to complete their training in a fully-functioning school environment from day one of the study programme. The practical component of the TESOL/TEFL course mostly takes place on the same site as the theoretical component and with your complimentary accommodation within a 5 minute stroll, what we offer in Phnom Penh is very much a ‘one stop shop‘.

There is no doubt that Phnom Penh and elsewhere in Cambodia can be a bit confronting at first – the noise, the traffic, problematic infrastructure and suchlike. Once you acclimatise, almost certainly you’ll share the opinion of many others who walked in your shoes, it’s a brilliant place to do the TESOL/TEFL training course and launch your career teaching English as a second language.

Phnom Penh – Course dates

The table below provides dates for the TESOL/TEFL course in Phnom Penh, Cambodia through to early 2021, a link to calculate the tuition fee based on your personal circumstances and a link to submit an application. You are encouraged to submit an application at least 3 months prior the course date that is most suitable.

 Course dates Fee Submit an application
2019: 05 Oct - 30 Oct Calculate your feeApply now
2019: 02 Nov - 27 Nov Calculate your feeApply now
2019: 30 Nov - 25 Dec Calculate your feeApply now
2019/20: 28 Dec - 15 Jan (19 days intensive course, offering a reduction of US $100.00 from the usual course fee) Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 08 Feb - 04 Mar Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 07 Mar - 01 Apr Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 04 Apr - 29 Apr Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 02 May - 27 May Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 30 May - 24 Jun Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 27 Jun - 22 Jul Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 25 Jul - 19 Aug Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 22 Aug - 16 Sep Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 19 Sep - 14 Oct Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 17 Oct - 11 Nov Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 14 Nov - 09 Dec Calculate your feeApply now
2020/21: 12 Dec - 06 Jan Calculate your feeApply now

Phnom Penh – Contact details

Street address:AVSE-TESOL (Cambodia)
Rooms 1 & 2, Building 1
Souvannaphumi School
22/108 Street, Sangkat Takhmao
Takhmao Town, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Email address (primary)
Email address (secondary)
Telephone number: (English):+855 96 5087159 (international)
096 5087159 (local)

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