Vietnam’s capital city, the centre of government and home to over 7 million people, economic growth in Hanoi is envied around the world. Hanoi is a special place – arguably a place of unparalleled historical significance that dates back over 1000 years. With almost a bohemian feel, art and culture are on display for all to see and take in.

Hanoi offers a temperate climate (for the majority of the year) – the traditional four seasons – and a pace of life that is noticeably slower than Ho Chi Minh City. Local people in Hanoi are big on getting out and about. From early morning through to late evening you will see local residents enjoying ‘street food’, a quiet drink of some sort or just ‘people-watching’ from one of the many outdoor coffee shops, bars and restaurants.  With a relatively flat terrain and a number of picturesque lakes, jogging, cycling and walking are common recreational pursuits in Hanoi.

AVSE’s TESOL training centre in Hanoi is located in Ba Dinh District, close to the city’s famous ‘Old Quarter’. Ba Dinh District is a mix of residential dwellings, small businesses and a sprinkling of light industrial activities. There are plenty of grocery shops for essential supplies and places to grab a bite to eat. The local area is known for being safe and is well-serviced by public transport, which is very cheap by western standards.

With a fully operational English language Centre in the same building as AVSE in Hanoi, you will be immersed in a real school environment from day one of your TESOL/TEFL course.

Hanoi – Course dates

The table below provides dates for the TESOL/TEFL course in Hanoi, Vietnam through to early 2021, a link to calculate the tuition fee based on your personal circumstances and a link to submit an application. You are encouraged to submit an application at least 3 months prior the course date that is most suitable.

 Course dates Fee Submit an application
2019: 30 Nov - 25 Dec Calculate your feeApply now
2019/20: 28 Dec - 15 Jan (19 days intensive course, offering a reduction of US $100.00 from the usual course fee)Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 08 Feb - 04 Mar Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 07 Mar - 01 Apr Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 04 Apr - 29 Apr Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 02 May - 27 May Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 30 May - 24 Jun Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 27 Jun - 22 Jul Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 25 Jul - 19 Aug Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 22 Aug - 16 Sep Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 19 Sep - 14 Oct Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 17 Oct - 11 Nov Calculate your feeApply now
2020: 14 Nov - 09 Dec Calculate your feeApply now
2020/21: 12 Dec - 06 Jan Calculate your feeApply now

Hanoi – Contact Details

Street address:AVSE-TESOL, 5th floor, 152 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Truc Bach Ward,
Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Email address (primary):info@avse.edu.vn
Email address (secondary):evie@avse.edu.vn
Telephone number (Vietnamese & English):+84 906 284 339 (international)

0906 284 339 

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