Optional extras...

You’re in the right place when you start training to teach ESL in Vietnam or Cambodia as our 3 TESOL/TEFL locations – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh – are right up there with the world’s ‘must visit’ travel destinations. They offer an abundance of history, great sightseeing, excellent shopping, full-on night-life and a mass of local people who will welcome you with open arms.

Successfully completing the TESOL/TEFL course will certainly be your priority during the time you are at AVSE, but having a bit of fun, socialising with your classmates and meeting new people are all part of the ESL in Vietnam or Cambodia adventure.

We have put together some targeted optional extras directed at adding value to your TESOL/TEFL experience. Motorbike, bicycle and laptop hire, accommodation for extra nights and Vietnamese or Khmer language lessons are just a selection of optional extras that are readily available. Below is a detailed rundown of some of the optional extras and a longer list of all optional extras is in the table below.

Airport collection service: When you arrive at your destination airport after a long flight, would you prefer to fight your way across town to try and find your accommodation by yourself or take the civilised approach? We can offer you an airport collection service where you will be met in the Arrivals Area by a member of the AVSE team. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed as the fee includes up to 3 hours waiting time. An AVSE staff member will escort you to your accommodation, check you in and make sure you are settled with Wi-Fi passwords and suchlike.

Laptop hire: As part of your studies, you’ll need daily access to a laptop computer. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your own or you don’t have a laptop we can hire you one at a very reasonable cost plus a refundable deposit for the duration of your TESOL/TEFL course.

Accommodation for extra nights: If the thought of leaping from your flight straight into a classroom fills you with horror, have you considered coming a few days early to acclimatise, get your bearings and see a few sights before class begins? We can arrange extra nights at your TESOL accommodation to so that you are fully refreshed and raring to go in time for day one of the study programme.

Vietnamese or Khmer language lessons: Even if you don’t consider yourself a natural linguist, being able to speak a few words in the local language can go a long way to helping you ingratiate yourself with shopkeepers or bar staff. Gosh, it might even help with finding love if that’s on your agenda. We can arrange cheap lessons in Vietnamese or Khmer so that you are more confident in dealing with local people and going about everyday life.

While you’re training for a new career teaching ESL in Vietnam or Cambodia, take advantage of the optional extras to make your transition as painless as possible.

WhatPrice in USD
Airport pickup
(door to door)
$30.00 (includes a return journey for a representative of AVSE and up to 3 hours waiting time)
Hire a laptop computer
– period of the TESOL/TEFL training programme
+ $100.00 refundable deposit
Accommodation – extra nights
(note: the course fee includes accommodation for 26 nights)
Hanoi: US $23.00 per night
Ho Chi Minh City: US $22.00 per night
Phnom Penh: US $20.00 per night
Share a bedroom & bathroomUS $50.00 off the advertised course fee (per person)
Vietnamese or Khmer language lessons$12.00 per hour
Hire a motorbike (with helmet)
– period of the TESOL/TEFL training programme
At cost (approximately US $55.00 + refundable security deposit) – ask for a referral
Hire a bicycle (with helmet)
– period of the TESOL/TEFL training programme
At cost (approximately US $25.00 + refundable security deposit) – ask for a referral
Laundry serviceAt cost (approximately US $1.00 per kilogram) – ask for a referral
Take a tour or book a flightAt cost – ask for a referral
Visa extensionsAt cost – ask for a referral
Local SIM cardAt cost – ask for a referral
Assistance to set up a bank accountFree
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