Payment methods...

Paying for your TESOL/TEFL training course with AVSE-TESOL is simple and secure. Within 72 hours of receiving your application form, an AVSE team member will contact you by email and either:

  • Offer you a place in your chosen course;
  • Invite you to participate in a SKYPE discussion; or
  • Respectfully decline your application.

All non-Vietnamese and Cambodian citizens who are offered a place in a TESOL/TEFL course at AVSE must pay a deposit of US $750.00 within 7 days to secure the spot. The required deposit for Vietnamese or Cambodian citizens is US $300.00. Note that AVSE does have commercial arrangements in place where the initial deposit may be less. As soon as your deposit is received, AVSE-TESOL will provide written confirmation by email. Importantly, the balance of your course fee must be paid 10 days before the scheduled start date.

Regardless of your TESOL/TEFL destination with AVSE (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh), you can use one of the options below to make a payment. Keep in mind, your final payment needs to be ‘physically’ received by AVSE-TESOL no later than 10 days before the start date of your study programme. While our preferred (and the cheapest) method for receiving an electronic payment is Option 1 (see below), the choice is yours to make. Peter Goudge at AVSE can assist you with any payment related matter. Email:


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