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ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners = a super lifestyle…

While many western countries are struggling with high unemployment and cost of living issues, there are plenty of well-paid ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners who have the skills and certification to teach English as second language.

time-moneyESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners (native English speakers) pay an average of $17.00 per hour. Some teachers earn less working in rural areas. Others earn up to $25.00 per hour teaching at universities, colleges and in the corporate sector.

Most ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners require 20 to 30 classroom hours per week. You can be assured there are more positions available teaching English as a second language than there are people to fill the positions – many times over. While the hourly rate of pay for ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners is important, it needs to be balanced against the cost of everyday expenses. By any measure, Vietnam is a very cheap place to live

Cost of living

ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners are available in rural, regional and city locations. In rural and regional areas, fully-furnished accommodation is often part of the employment agreement. In the event you need to pay for your housing, furnished, western-style accommodation is readily available in the larger cities for around US $280.00 per month. Accommodation in the country-side is even cheaper.

It’s possible to eat in a restaurant anywhere in Vietnam, 3-times a day, 7-days a week and still have change from US $70.00. Local beer is 30 cents for a 500ml bottle – it’s a bit rough, but you do get used to it. You will only pay around 25 cents for a local bus ride and $3.50 for a 45 minute journey on a motorbike taxi. You can buy a decent business shirt for around US $8.00 and an ice cream in a cone will set you back no more than 50 cents. Movie tickets are around US $3.00 a head and you can go bowling for even less. The low cost of living makes ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners a very attractive proposition indeed. It is possible to save money and move forward with your life, personally and professionally..

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What is the bottom line?

Typically, ESL teaching jobs in Vietnam for foreigners deliver a take home salary somewhere between US $1,000.00 and US $2,000.00 per month, depending on where the teacher works and how many hours they work. ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners are taxable at 20% (+/-), but most employers quote and pay a net salary and then deal the Taxation Department on your behalf. With the cost of living in Vietnam being so low, ESL teachers can realistically expect to save at least half of their income without cutting corners. Teaching English as a second language in Vietnam certainly provides stable, ongoing employment that pays a decent income and allows for an excellent lifestyle.

If you would like further information about rates of pay and work hours related to ESL teaching jobs in Vietnam for foreigners, please email our Managing Director, Peter Goudge:

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