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World-wide opportunities: ESL teaching jobs abroad…

visit-exotic-destinationsESL teaching jobs abroad offer exciting opportunities for travel to far-flung places that most people only dream about visiting, let alone living and working there.

With an Australian Government accredited & internationally recognised TESOL TEFL qualification from AVSE-TESOL, you will have a licence to teach and travel. You can live and work just about anywhere in the world, experience new cultures, meet new friends and genuinely make a difference in the lives of people through your work as an English language teacher. ESL teaching jobs abroad offer opportunities that very few professions can.

TESOL TEFL certified

The best ESL teaching jobs abroad require TESOL TEFL certification and this where AVSE-TESOL can help kick-start your teaching career. TESOL TEFL certification obtained through our Australian Government accredited programme in Ho Chi Minh City is internationally recognised which means you will be able to teach English in schools, colleges, universities, language centres, offices and on a private basis wherever your travels take you. Once you are TESOL TEFL certified through our course in Ho Chi Minh City, you will:

  • Hold ESL certification that is accredited and accepted globally;
  • Be in a strong position to secure the most desirable ESL teaching jobs abroad;
  • Know how to plan & deliver vibrant and highly interactive ESL lessons that will have your students coming back for more and more;
  • Have the opportunity to live and work in an array of exotic locations, limited only by your imagination;
  • Command better pay and conditions compared to people working in the profession who aren’t TESOL TEFL certified.

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Ongoing support to secure ESL teaching jobs abroad

When you take the TESOL TEFL course with AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City, guiding you through the 4-week study program and helping you land that all-important first job is only part of what we do. AVSE-TESOL will be there to provide advice and assistance whenever you need it as you pursue your teaching career. The ongoing support provided by our educational institution includes: personalised introductions to schools; assistance with producing a quality curriculum vitae; written and verbal references; employment preparation workshops; advice on ‘hot spots’ for ESL teaching jobs abroad and other guidance you need from time to time.

AVSE-TESOL is a market leader in the ESL teaching jobs abroad field and we would be delighted to share our industry expertise with you. With AVSE-TESOL in your corner, your goal to make a difference in the lives of local people or to simply fund your travels through ESL teaching jobs abroad, will be realised much sooner than you ever thought possible.

For more information about ESL teaching jobs abroad and how AVSE-TESOL provides ongoing support for graduates of our TESOL TEFL program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, you can email our Managing Director, Peter Goudge:

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