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Living in Vietnam: Vietnamese skills will be handy…

“I’d been living in Vietnam for a few months, not doing too much, when I made the decision to enrol in the TESOL TEFL program at AVSE in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, I booked in for the Vietnamese language course that is offered by AVSE. I’m now working as an ESL teacher in Nha Trang – thanks to the TESOL course – and having some Vietnamese language skills has come in very handy.”

Dublin, Ireland

Australia-Vietnam Skills & Education (AVSE-TESOL) in Ho Chi Minh City offers Vietnamese language classes that have been specifically designed for foreigners who plan to spend some time living in Vietnam. What we offer is particularly suitable for foreigners who plan on working as an English teacher while living in Vietnam because the classes run parallel to our company’s TESOL program. Trainees have the opportunity to build some English language teaching skills through the TESOL course and at the same time, acquire some basic Vietnamese language skills.

thumbs upHaving some Vietnamese language skills certainly makes living in Vietnam that much easier. New Vietnamese classes at AVSE-TESOL start every month, in conjunction with our TESOL program. Typically, students who choose to learn some Vietnamese while they are with us, complete 2 x 2 hour classes a week for the duration of the TESOL TEFL course, which is 4 weeks. This comes to a total of 16 hours. If a student wants to study more or less than the usual 16 hours of Vietnamese language classes, this can easily be arranged.

The Vietnamese classes we offer focus on vocabulary and conversational skills related to everyday situations that you will encounter when living in Vietnam. Making ‘small-talk’, bargaining, taking public transport, giving and receiving directions and shopping are just some of the topics that are covered. Our Vietnamese language classes are an ideal foundation program for foreigners who are starting a new career teaching English and plan on living in Vietnam for at least a year or two.

Why should I learn Vietnamese?

Learning some Vietnamese language skills certainly involves a bit of work and for many people this is a major disincentive. Apart from the work that is involved, getting ‘your head around’ the 6 tones that are central to the Vietnamese language is a challenge for even the sharpest person let alone a run of the mill foreigner looking to carve out a new existence living in Vietnam. Moreover, if it happens that you speak the international language – English – you may well ask, why should I bother to learn some Vietnamese? It is true to say that you can get by living in Vietnam without speaking the local language given that English is pretty much understood across the country.

Why then should you learn some Vietnamese? The answer is straightforward. With some Vietnamese language skills under your belt, it will be much easier for you to communicate with local people and Vietnamese colleagues when you start teaching immediately after the TESOL program. It has been said that language is the root of culture and when it comes to living in Vietnam, understanding the local language will help explain why people think the way they do.

If your plans involve living in Vietnam for a period of time and you would like to acquire some Vietnamese language skills, please contact the Managing Director of AVSE-TESOL, Peter Goudge:

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